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Medical education with purpose

Medical school courses for year 3, year 4, year 5 (final year) theory and OSCE (medicine clinical examination). Our focus includes:

  • Focussed med student revision strategies
  • High student interaction with in course smart technology
  • Clinical development pathway from third year to graduation
  • Cognitive and examiner psychology
  • Complex knowledge reinforcement
  • Specialist peer-review to ensure quality and accuracy

Our courses consistently book to an international audience. We train med students to run charitable events, and host novel medical application courses. Physician associates, pharmacists, nurses, healthworkers regularly attend for medicine insight and CV development. Facebook like, and hit follow, to get our latest updates!


Conceived in modern day tooting over a pint of ale back in 2013. Born out of frustration and hope, that medical education and medicine was being over mechanised, exam focused, with political goal setting in mind. The beauty of our art was being lost; yet an art it remains.

Kids with ambitions, young doctors with hope. Osler’s Room spent the first few years developing free, charitable courses and conferences in the heart of London.

In 2015 demand exceeded capacity, and quality demanded sustainability; there grew our first bespoke course – Essential Medicine: Year 3 Theory and OSCE. In our first year of bespoke courses, international tickets sold, and lecture theatres filled out in an unprecedented way with students attending from as far out as Cyprus, Poland and Russia. Osler’s Room now has hugely ambitious, wide ranging ideas, with your education and our art in mind.



‘Best day at medical school ever. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!’.

Best money spent all year

This has been the most comprehensive teaching I have had since starting Kings 2 years ago. AMAZING! Just do more, more, more!!!

Multi-international academic medical prize winners

Education from real rising stars. The real deal, totally amazed.

University and national prize winners in health care education and development

I'm impressed with the efforts he has made to further medical education. Already a well respected and talented junior doctor, teaching is something he plainly has a natural flare for. Their last course was fully booked within 20 minutes of bookings opening online!

Consultant Surgeon, Kent

Undoubtedly the best trainee we have ever had.

Consultant Physician, London